15 Stores That Offer Cheap & Free Gift Wrapping

15 Stores That Offer Cheap & Free Gift Wrapping | thegoodstuff

Free gift wrapping used to be a common service. Now it’s a bit more difficult to find, but there are still stores and websites offering it for free or at a reasonable cost.

Many department and clothing stores, such as Old Navy, will give you a free box even if they don’t offer gift-wrapping services. If you really don’t want to wrap those gifts yourselves, check with your mall’s visitor center. Many will offer gift-wrapping services with proceeds going to a charity. Or, check for deals on gift wrap at stores such as Walgreens.

Bonus tip: If you’re ordering online at a store like The Childrens Place or Advance Auto Parts, and gift wrapping is an option for a small fee, it might be worth it for the convenience of shipping directly to the recipient. If your order qualifies for free shipping and it’s only $5 to gift wrap, then that’s likely more economical than shipping it to you, wrapping it, and mailing it at the post office. Pair that with a Victoria’s Secret promo code and you’ll save even more on your holiday gifts!

1. Amazon

15 Stores That Offer Cheap & Free Gift Wrapping | thegoodstuff

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Amazon’s gift wrap prices ranges from $3.99 to $5.99, depending on size. If you’ve got a bulky item that can’t be easily wrapped, you’ll get a reusable, festive cloth gift bag. The gift wrap that keeps giving!

2. Apple

15 Stores That Offer Cheap & Free Gift Wrapping | thegoodstuff

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The signature white box and red ribbon is a sight any recipient would be thrilled to see. The gift wrap will cost you, but you can have a personal message engraved on the back of any iPod or iPad for free.

3. Aveda

Aveda gives you the option to create  your own custom, wrapped gift. Choose three or more products from the best sellers list and you’ll get a free sample, plus they’ll wrap it for free.

4. Barnes & Noble

15 Stores That Offer Cheap & Free Gift Wrapping | thegoodstuff

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Barnes and Noble commonly has in-store gift-wrap fundraisers. Different local charities will send volunteers to wrap presents in exchange for the donation amount of your choosing. Now you’ve got a perfectly wrapped present that gives back at the same time.

5. Bobbi Brown

Be sure to opt for their free gift wrapping at checkout.

6 & 7. Gap & Banana Republic

Both stores will give you complimentary (unassembled) boxes, or you can opt for premium gift packaging (wrapped in tissue, boxed with ribbon, and personalized message), though it will cost $6 at Gap and $5 at Baby Gap.

8. JCPenney

JCPenney keeps gift wrapping competitive at $4 per package on online orders. You’ll get silver paper, a white bow, and a personalized gift tag. (Items weighing more than 5 pounds aren’t eligible.) In store, you can get a free box but wrapping paper will cost you.

9. L’Occitane

15 Stores That Offer Cheap & Free Gift Wrapping | thegoodstuff

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Their free gift wrapping services let you choose to have your order delivered in an assembled box or have a box included flat in your order. 

10. MAC Cosmetics

MAC is offering complimentary gift wrapping for a limited time. Once the promotional period is over, it will return to $4.95.

11. Nordstrom

15 Stores That Offer Cheap & Free Gift Wrapping | thegoodstuff

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Nordstrom’s website offers three options: A ready-to-go gift box for $5, a gift box kit for $2, or a free 8-12 word gift message. Shop in stores and you can go home with a free gift box kit upon request.

12. Origins

Origins offers free gift-wrap on all orders. They also give you the option to gift wrap each item in your cart individually or all together.

13. Tiffany & Co.

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Items from Tiffany always comes in the free, signature blue box with the little white ribbon.

14. Von Maur

Von Maur offers free gift-wrap and delivery anywhere in the United States.

15. Walmart

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Walmart offers one of the least expensive (of the paid) gift wrapping services at $3.88 per item. You’ll get a blue gift box with white ribbon. Gift-wrap is free for jewelry purchases.

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