15 Upcycled Planters Turn Trash into Treasure


This spring, before you shell out big bucks for brand new planters, look around your home. With a little dirt, you can turn a surprising number of household items into upcycled planters and containers for your vegetables, herbs, flowers, and succulents. From old furniture, to items in the recycling bin or your kid’s toy chest, the options are endless!

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1. Toy trucks

When your kid gets too old to play with toy trucks, it’s time to turn that Tonka into a planter.


Source: Toby and Roo

2. Shoe racks

Vertical gardens are all the rage and an over-the-door shoe or accessory holder makes it easy to achieve the look.


Source: Listotic

3. Wheelbarrow

Park an old wheelbarrow and turn it into a rustic planter.


Source: Chateau de Fleurs

4. Apothecary jars

Apothecary jars are perfect for DIY terrariums and displaying succulents.


Source: The Budget Decorator

5. Rain boot

What to do with the rain boots your kids grows out of every year?  Turn them into the cutest, most colorful planters you’ve ever seen.


Source: The Garden Glove

6. Tea tins

These are the perfect vessels for a windowsill herb garden. Small enough to fit and pretty enough to look at.


Source: The Garden Glove

7. Colander

A colander offers build in drainage and the handles make it easy to transform it into a hanging planter.


Source: Mommy’s Kitchen

8. Legos®

Want to get your kids interested in gardening? Well what better way than to have them create Lego® planters.

If your kiddos are still building castles, submarines, and trucks out of their building blocks, put together this handy Lego® travel case so they can build on the go!


Source: Bright Nest

9. Dresser drawers

Stagger dresser drawers and fill them with dirt for a picturesque vintage planter.


Source: HGTV

10. Light bulb

This is a great way to upcycle old light bulbs and to give your kids a visual lesson on how plants grow.

Do you have a ton of old light bulbs just lying around? Upcycle them into these fascinating planters or one of these 14 other brilliant ideas!


Source: WooHome

11. Tire

All an old tire needs is a pop of paint and some colorful flowers to turn it into an eye-catching backyard display.


Source: Society South

12. Paint cans

It’s time to get some use out of those half-empty paint cans cluttering your basement.


Source: The Garden Glove

13. Jeans

If you’re looking for some comic relief in your garden, turn old jeans into planters.


Source: Sad to Happy Project

14. Chandelier

Take the elegance outside with a chandelier planter.


Source: Brit+Co

15. Milk jugs

Here’s a better place than the recycling bin for your empty milk jugs. Plus, when displayed side-by-side, they can look rather artful!


Source: Dump a Day


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Hi there! We love upcycling, too. It’s always fun to see a beloved piece of furniture, decor, or even trash get put to new use when it’s lost its original purpose. :) That car garden you found is fun! Thank you for sharing with us.

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