5 Ways to Save on Gluten-Free Foods

Several years ago, most of us didn’t even know what gluten was. A protein found in wheat, barley and rye and is a key ingredient in breads, cereals, pastas and many processed foods that we eat, today’s doctors and nutritionists suggest gluten sensitivity could be a contributor to a variety of health concerns.

The most significant roadblock to trying a gluten free diet, however, is the expense. Coupons for gluten-free products is one of our top categories, as there are now dozens of ready-made gluten-free products available.

Here are five more ways to easily save when trying to switching to a gluten-free diet:

1. Switch from pastas and breads to brown rice or potatoes
Both rice and potatoes offer sustaining and delicious alternatives to wheat-based carbohydrates. Simple. Available in bulk. Inexpensive.
smashed red potatoes
My new favorite: Smashed Red Potatoes from The Pioneer Woman. Leftovers make marvelous snacks or breakfast the next day. Time Saving Tip: Buy baby reds and skip the boiling. I pop ’em right in the oven and smash them with a potato masher when they are ready.

2. Bring out your inner Betty
Become a home baker, and bypass the expensive and often sodium, sugar and fat laden pre-packaged muffins, breads and treats.
Switching to corn and rice flour may bring even greater savings. And since you can’t just substitute alternative flours for traditional wheat flour in your recipes, check out the many gluten-free cookbooks and recipes available. This amazing gluten-free cake is a great one to try out – everyone will love it. Live Better America is a fabulous recipe resource for gluten-free ideas as well.

3. Buy flour in bulk
You already know that the bulk bins at your supermarket are a great way to save money and stock up. Buy your corn, rice, and quinoa flours, even pastas in bulk to save big. While you’re at it, pick up bulk nuts and dried fruit – all naturally gluten free.

4. Load up on the vegetables, fruit and low cost protein sources such as beans and eggs
Protein fills you up and provides sustaining energy. Eggs as well as meat are kid favorites.
Another favorite for the list to try – kid-friendly classic Toad in the Hole recipe.

5. Use coupons for ready made options
There are many prepared gluten-free foods and shortcuts available. Many brands offer gluten-free options including Betty Crocker, Bisquick, Chex Cereal, Hormel, Progresso Soup, even Cheetos. Many are often on coupon. A few minutes on Coupons.com each week can really put a dent in the cost of gluten-free groceries and help reign in the convenience trade-off.

Don’t stop at the printed coupon. Sign up for email alerts to ensure you don’t miss a great sale. Save coupons to your grocery store loyalty card in seconds, and get extra savings at the register. Download the Coupons app to use in planning and in-store and ensure you never miss money off.

One final tip – gluten-free recipes can be hit or miss. Be sure to read reviews and get recommendations from people who have actually tried them. Let us know if you try it, and what your results are.


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