7+ Fun Hot Dog Recipes Just for Kids

7+ Clever Hot Dog Recipes Just for Kids | thegoodstuff

Most kids love hot dogs, but sometimes the usual dog in a bun gets old. If you’ve ever seen your kid picking at their hot dog, you know what we mean.

Next time you’ve got a package of franks, go beyond the boring bun and give your hot dogs some attitude. We guarantee your kids will be licking their plates. From slathering your dogs in mac and cheese to stuffing them in muffins, we’ve found 7 fun, kid friendly hot dog recipes that are sure to delight!

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1. Mac and cheese dogs

Mac and Cheese Hot Dog

Source: Taste and Tell

Add mac and cheese to a hot dog to get two kid favorites combined into one amazing meal! These mac and cheese dogs will please any kid who’s fussy about condiments or who just plain loves mac and cheese.

2. Spaghetti hot dog bites

Threaded Spaghetti Hot Dog Bites

Source: Very Culinary

Make mealtime fun with these threaded spaghetti hot dogs. It’s a great way to get the kids involved with dinner, and they’ll love this new take on a classic.

3. Mini corn dog muffins

Mini Corn Dog Muffins

Source: KitchMe

Kids love grab-and-go food, and these mini corn dog muffins are no exception. Each muffin has the perfect amount of hot dog for a kid-sized appetite!

4. Octopus hot dogs

Octopus Hot Dogs

Source: Or so she says…

Picky eaters are hard to satisfy, but this goofy and fun octopus hot dog is hard to resist. It’s such a simple and clever way to please a kid.

5. Hot dog station

What to Serve with Hot Dogs at a Party

Source: Hostess with the Mostess

Kids love choices, and this hot dog station will have them piling their dogs high with toppings. Go with zany toppers like crushed potato chips and cheese doodles, but don’t forget the ketchup and mustard.

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6. Curly hot dog snakes

Curly Hot Dog Snakes

Source: Key Ingredient

Give your next barbecue a creative twist with curly hot dog snakes. Every kid in the neighborhood will be drawn to the summer creatures lurking at the food table!

7. Spiral-wrapped sausages

Spiral Wrapped Sausages

Source: Mom On Timeout

For a totally fun way to serve hot dogs, simply put them on popsicle sticks. This version is spiral-wrapped in pizza dough and can be eaten as-is or dipped in a variety of delicious sauces.

5 more kid-friendly hot dog recipes

Don’t have time to make a full recipe? No worries! Simply microwave a wiener, slice, and serve it in one of these fun ways. Easy enough for kids to do themselves, this is a fun way to invite your tots into the kitchen with a simple, interactive snack:

  • Mini skewers: Thread thin slices of hot dogs and small cheese cubes together to make two-bite skewers.
  • Spider dogs: Create an edible “spider” by cutting into the ends of a hotdog. Gently pull these gangly “legs” apart and serve with two dots of mustard in the center of the dog for the spider “eyes”
  • Edible centipede: Slice a hot dog in half lengthwise. Place half of the dog on a plate and cut into 1/2-inch pieces. Pipe two mustard eyes up top and you’ve got a centipede kids can eat one bite at a time!
  • Hot dog butterfly: Cut a hot dog into 3-inch pieces. Place on top of two nacho cheese chips to create butterfly “wings” and serve!
  • Rainbow dog: Slice a hot dog into 1”-inch pieces, then place in a bun. Pipe alternating lines of mustard and ketchup between each piece to create a colorful “rainbow” dog.

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