Are you paying too much for longer lashes?

Why pay department store prices for longer lashes when there is Rapid Lash.

rapid lash really worksWhen it comes to beauty, I fall into the “make the best of what you’ve got” camp. I do my best to accept and appreciate what I’ve got…except, that is, when it comes to my eyelashes. You see, I inherited really sparse lashes, and for years, I’ve relied on Latisse to thicken and lengthen them up. Latisse has worked like a charm for me from the get-go, and I never experienced any ill effects, except of course, when I’d run out and had to fork over $115-135 for the tiniest of bottles. (Ouch.)

Fortunately, a friend of mine tipped me off to RapidLash. An over-the-counter alternative to Latisse that’s packed with biotin, amino acids, oils, extracts and vitamins, RapidLash enhances lashes (and brows!) with a potent combination of moisturizers, conditioners and strengthening agents, promoting growth, durability and shine. In other words, it TOTALLY WORKS. Apply it to your clean, naked lash line once a day (I put it on the morning after showering) and you’re bound to notice thicker lashes in 4 weeks (if not before). And the very best part? A month-long supply is $50, a mere fraction of what I was paying for my Latisse prescription. (Score.)

If you’re a fan of Latisse, and of saving money, I encourage you to give it a try. Currently on sale at for just $31!

meghan-mcandrewsEditor by day and the voice of High Plains Thrifter by night, Meghan McAndrews is known for her weekly nacho night get-togethers and ongoing commitment to bringing big hair back. In her free time, she can be found scouring church-basement rummage sales, cooking in her kitchen or daubing it up at the bingo hall.


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