20 Back to School Supplies with a Lifetime Warranty

20 Back to School Supplies with a Lifetime Warranty | thegoodstuff

Shopping for back to school supplies can be expensive, especially if you have more than one child heading back to school. Luckily, many companies offer lifetime warranties on their products. If a backpack strap breaks or headphones stop working, you can simply send them back in. The manufacturer will repair them, then send them back as good as new!

Don’t miss out on other great products with lifetime warranties. Check out our lists of gifts for moms and dads, plus 10 more products with lifetime warranties — and the latest back to school sales!

You’ll notice that some warranties are “limited,” which means your item will be repaired, replaced, or refunded as long as the damage caused was due to normal wear and tear. Be sure to read up on all the specific terms and policies as every warranty is different.

We’ve put together a list of 20 back to school supplies that come with a lifetime warranty. Happy shopping!

Backpacks with a lifetime guarantee

1. Chrome Industries messenger bags


Chrome Industries lifetime warranty

2. Dakine backpacks


Dakine limited lifetime guarantee

3. JanSport backpacks


JanSport lifetime warranty

4. L.L.Bean backpacks


L.L.Bean lifetime warranty

5. The North Face backpacks


The North Face limited lifetime guarantee

6. Osprey backpacks


Osprey lifetime warranty

7. Saddleback Leather Company bags


Saddleback Leather Company lifetime guarantee

Apparel & accessories with a lifetime warranty

1. Lands’ End apparel


Lands’ End lifetime warranty

2. Dr. Marten shoes


Dr. Marten Shoes lifetime warranty (activate your FOR LIFE guarantee within 60 days of your purchase)

3. Columbia Sportswear apparel


Columbia Sportswear lifetime guarantee (length of warranty depends on the type of product)

4. Under Armour apparel


Under Armour return policy (free returns within 60 days of purchase)

5. Davek umbrellas


Davek lifetime lifetime guarantee (owner must register their product)

6. Nixon watches


Nixon warranty details (limited lifetime warranty for Elite Class watches, 2-year limited warranty for all other watches)

Electronics with a lifetime guarantee

1. Koss headphones


Koss limited lifetime guarantee (owner must register their product)

2. Skullcandy headphones


Skullcandy lifetime warranty

Bikes & accessories with a lifetime warranty

1. Trek bikes


Trek lifetime warranty

2. Kryptonite locks


Kryptonite lifetime guarantee (owner must register their keys or combination cable)

Kitchen storage and tools with a lifetime warranty

1. Tupperware food storage


Tupperware limited lifetime warranty

2. Rosle can openers


Rosle lifetime guarantee

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