15 DIY Storage Bins Too Cool to Hide Away


Getting yourself organized doesn’t have to be a chore. Instead, use as an opportunity to decorate your home with beautiful handmade storage containers. You can make bins, boxes, and baskets of all sizes from scratch, or embellish plane bases for a quicker but equally eye catching end product. And if this inspires you to get organized, find out how to organize your whole home.

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1. Checkered Yarn Bin

Checkered Yarn Bin

Add a pop of color (or several!) to a plain wire basket for a fun storage piece you won’t want to hide in your closet. Our checkered yarn storage bin tutorial shows you how you can simply take yarn and a wire basket and transform it into this fun and functional piece.

2. Dipped Basket

Dipped Basket

Source: Love Grows Wild

Oversized baskets are a chic storage solution for the living room. Make yours a bit more unique by using painter’s tape to mark off the bottom portion and painting it a solid hue.

3. Woven Reed Baskets

Woven Reed Baskets

Source: Design Sponge

These basic woven containers are a great introduction to basket making. Make a collection in various sizes to suit all of your storage needs.

4. Embroidered Paper Bin

Embroidered Paper Bin

Source: The Crafted Life

Turn a trash bin into a treasure. Embroider it with simple colorful triangles, and use it to store wrapping or craft paper.

5. Numbered Bins

Numbered Bins

Source: OdetoAwe

Add visual interest and even more organizational capacity by painting numbers on simple striped storage bins. Metallic gold pops against black and white.

6. Fabric Covered Box

Fabric Covered Box

Source: Mod Podge Rocks

Spruce up your living room decor with a cheerful storage box. Transform a plain wooden base by painting and covering it with fabric using Mod Podge.

7. Denim Buckets

Denim Buckets

Source: Curly Made

Jeans really do go with everything — even your home decor. No sewing is required to make these denim buckets, and you can use a pair of old jeans so they’re essentially free.

8. Embroidered Baskets

Embroidered Baskets

Source: Design Improvised

You can transform everyday baskets using pops of colorful yarn and basic embroidery techniques. Have fun with different geometric designs (starbursts, zigzags, etc.) that complement the basket’s shape.

9. Stenciled Canvas Baskets

Stenciled Canvas Baskets

Source: Life in Velvet

Give plain white storage bins a modern upgrade. Make a stencil out of adhesive vinyl sheet and paint on a simple geometric design.

10. Woven Felt Basket

Woven Felt Basket

Source: Pippa Quilts

No sewing necessary to make these colorful felt baskets; just some simple weaving techniques and a bit of glue. They’re ideal for holding balls of yarn or other soft items like socks.

11. Patterned Tins

Patterned Tins

Source: By Wilma

Turn old tins into prettily patterned storage containers with Mod Podge and decorative paper. They’re perfect for stashing kitchen essentials; you’ll even make handled lids to keep contents safe.

12. Decoupaged Box

Decoupaged Box

Source: The Crafted Life

Add this charming accessory to your desk decor. To make, simply decoupage large paper motifs onto a plane storage box (or shoe box).

13. Washi Tape Boxes

Washi Tape Boxes

Source: Craft and Creativity

For a smaller storage solution, cover little cardboard boxes in washi tape. Use them to hold craft or office supplies.

14. Magazine Rack

Magazine Rack

Source: A Beautiful Mess

If you haven’t yet transferred all your subscriptions to digital, you’ll need to keep all those magazines tidy. And if you’re feeling ambitious, you can make this chic wood and leather magazine rack from scratch.

15. Paper Bag Bins

Paper Bag Bins

Source: Alfie Wild

Who knew paper bags could be so chic and sturdy? Make your own version of these fabulous storage bins using this tutorial.

This spring cleaning season, declutter and decorate at the same time with creative and colorful storage containers. You’ll satisfy your DIY and organizational impulses at the same time, and with all these pretty containers around, you’ll be more likely to keep things tidy!


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