Favorite Wedding Cake Pins

Wedding CakesIf you’re a bride-to-be, the approaching wedding season may be overwhelming. If you haven’t yet, read the first two blogs in our wedding series for tips and ideas that will make wedding planning as stress-free as possible. We are closing our wedding series on a fun note, and what can be more fun than cake? Check below for our favorite wedding cake pins. We hope they stir some creative juices!

1. Ruffled Cake with Accent Color
2. Scalloped Cake with Flags
3. Vintage Cake in Creamy Neutral Colors
4. Let Them Eat Cake
5. Classic Cake with Bunting and Garland
6. Teal Cake with Gold Reflects
7. Cake with Coconut Cheese Frosting
8. Wedding Cake Toppers

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Post by +Kim Hoang


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