10 Simple & Satisfying One-Bite Appetizers

10 Simple & Satisfying One-Bite Appetizers | thegoodstuff

Have you ever been to a party and got stuck with a large, messy appetizer?

You know the ones: You’re trying to finish a sentence but can’t quite stuff all the food in your mouth, there are globs of food dripping on the floor and your favorite sweater, and you have to rush to the bathroom in the middle of a conversation to make sure there’s no giant smear of food stuck to your face!

These and many other reasons are why one-bite appetizers are the answer for any party.

They put party guests and hosts at ease. Guests can pop these single bite appetizers in their mouths and still converse, and hosts won’t have to clean up messy drippings off the floor. It’s a party win-win situation!

If you’re playing host this time around, I want to share some of the best one-bite appetizer recipes with you. Trust me, your guests will devour these tasty bites, so make sure you save a few for yourself!

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1. Stuffed Peppadew Peppers

10 Simple & Satisfying One-Bite Appetizers | thegoodstuff

Preparing for a party shouldn’t make headaches happen. But so often, we find ourselves pulling out the stops, putting recipes on the menu that take hours (or days!) to make.

Forget all that! With this easy idea, all you have to do is hit the olive bar at the grocery store, grab some pretty peppadew peppers, and stuff them with a chive-kissed cream cheese. Making gorgeous gourmet apps has never been so easy!

Yield: About 12 bites
Prep time: 5 minutes
Total time: 5 minutes


• 12 peppadew or sweet peppers
• 2/3 cup whipped cream cheese or goat cheese, softened
• 2 Tablespoons honey
• 2 Tablespoons chives or green onions, finely diced
• Pinch salt and pepper
• Optional: 2 Tablespoons bacon bits


1. Rinse peppers under water. Gently dry with a clean paper towel and place on serving platter.

2. In a mixing bowl, stir together cream cheese, honey, chives, salt, pepper, and bacon bits if you’re including them. Place mixture into a plastic bag, snip a small portion from the corner of the bag, and pipe mixture into peppers.

3. Serve and enjoy a quick bite before your guests arrive!

2. Watermelon-Jalapeño Bites

10 One-Bite Appetizer Recipes: Watermelon Jalapeno Bites | thegoodstuff

Rev your taste buds and pull out the party platter! This one-bite watermelon appetizer is so simple — and so scrumptious! Fresh, sweet watermelon, salty queso fresco, spicy jalapeño, and a honey-lime drizzle make this one easy one-bite appetizer you’ll crave.

3. Buffalo Chicken Cheese Balls

Buffalo Chicken Cheese Balls

Source: KitchMe

Skip the messy buffalo wings and make these handy buffalo chicken cheese balls instead. You’ll get classic buffalo wing taste without sticky, dripping fingers.

4. Jalapeño Bites

10 Easy Appetizer Recipes: Jalapeno Bites | thegoodstuff

Source: KitchMe

Jalapeño bites are tasty, convenient little bites that are baked in the oven to crispy perfection. Gooey cream cheese offsets the heat from the jalapeño, so you won’t be able to stop at just one!

5. Twice-Baked Broccoli Cheese Potato Bites

10 Easy Appetizer Recipes: Twice-Baked Broccoli Cheese Potato Bites | thegoodstuff

Source: Betty Crocker

These twice-baked broccoli and cheese potato bites are incredibly tasty and satisfying. Each of these little bites is stuffed with a delicious combo of broccoli, cheese, tomatoes, and potatoes.

6. Easy Asian Meatballs

10 Easy Appetizer Recipes: Easy Asian Meatballs | thegoodstuff

Source: Gimme Some Oven

These easy, quick meatballs are bursting with yummy Asian flavors. Party guests will love these saucy little meatballs!

7. Brie Puff Pastry

10 Easy Recipes for Appetizers: Brie Puff Pastry | thegoodstuff

Source: Well Plated

Make the classic brie puff pastry and cracker appetizer into a convenient, portable nibble. This cranberry baked brie puff pastry recipe has done just that. No need to stand around the cracker table with this travel-easy appetizer!

8. Brussels Sprout & Prosciutto Bites

10 Easy Recipes for Appetizers: Brussels Sprouts and Prosciutto Bites | thegoodstuff

Source: Tablespoon

Even the Brussels sprout-averse will find themselves scarfing down every last one of these delicious bites. Salty prosciutto pairs perfectly with roasted Brussels sprouts for this amazing appetizer.

9. Crab & Bacon-Stuffed Mushrooms

10 Easy Recipes for Appetizers: Crab and Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms | thegoodstuff

Source: Life Tastes Like Food

It’s hard to resist these crab- and bacon-stuffed mushrooms. These filling one-bite appetizers have a taste everyone will love.

10. Crock Pot Spicy BBQ Kielbasa

10 Easy One-Bite Appetizer Recipes: Crock Pot Spicy BBQ Kielbasa | thegoodstuff

Source: Tammilee Tips

This Crock Pot spicy barbecue kielbasa recipe only takes minutes to make and feeds a crowd. Spear with toothpicks and watch them disappear!


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