Delicious One Pot Meals: 5 Ingredients or Less


Between busy schedules, carpooling, and work meetings, getting dinner on the table can be an impossible feat. That’s why one pot meals are so amazing. Toss all ingredients in one pan and let them sizzle! Dinner skillets are budget-friendly, convenient meals that make dinnertime doable. Not only is clean-up easy with one skillet, but you won’t have a huge ingredient list. We’ve found incredible 5-ingredient dinner skillet ideas that make getting a quick dinner on the table extremely possible!

Asian Shrimp Skillet

Asian Shrimp Skillet

Four ingredients is all you need to make this absolutely stunning Asian Shrimp Skillet. Can you guess what the ingredients are? Click here and find out!

Skinny Lemon Chicken Skillet

Skinny Lemon Chicken Skillet

All the flavor of take-out Lemon Chicken, none of the fat! This no-fry Skinny Lemon Chicken Skillet is so easy to make in just 10 minutes. Click here to see what the surprise shortcut is!

Easy Asian Beef Skillet

Easy Asian Beef SkilletSource:

Weight Watchers approved! This beef skillet makes brilliant use of ramen noodles to make a quick, 5-ingredient dish (we’re not counting the soy sauce!). This delicious dish is a great way to eat right, eat quick, and eat fast tonight!

Kielbasa Dinner Skillet

Kielbasa Dinner SkilletSource:

This kielbasa skillet dinner is an easy, comforting meal full of smoky sausage, ripe tomatoes, and tender potatoes.  You’ll be surprised that such a hearty dish can be made so quickly.

Quick Salsa Skillet

Quick Salsa SkilletSource:

If you’re short on time, this quick salsa skillet can be on your dinner table in 35 minutes or less.  A one skillet meal also means less after-dinner clean up, so this recipe’s a winner!

Italian Sausage Pasta Skillet

Italian Sausage Pasta SkilletSource:

Make pasta night simple with this one skillet Italian sausage pasta.  Italian flavors and filling ingredients make this a perfect busy weeknight meal.

Simple Sausage Stuffing Skillet

Simple Sausage Stuffing SkilletSource:

Stuffing isn’t only for Thanksgiving!  Enjoy stuffing any time with this skillet sausage and stuffing dinner.  Hot and sweet sausage, onions, and peppers give stuffing a totally new taste that the whole family will love.

Taco Skillet Spaghetti

Taco Skillet SpaghettiSource:

Chances are you have everything you need in your cabinet for this taco skillet spaghetti.  It’s quick, easy-to-make, and totally kid-approved!

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