20 Adorable Outdoor Drink Stations For Every Occasion

20 Adorable Outdoor Drink Stations For Every Occasion | thegoodstuff

It’s the time of year to take it outdoors—weddings, BBQs, and even everyday afternoons are best spent in the sunshine. But warmer weather also means thirst quenching is a must. Instead of sticking a bunch of drinks in a plastic cooler, check out these artistic, clever, and just plain fun beverage stations. Whether you’re partying or relaxing, the right drink setup can create the perfect tone for your outdoor get together.

  1. Balloon Beverage Cooler

1. balloon cooler 2

Set a party vibe at your next outdoor BBQ with a colorful cooler. Instead of ice, freeze water balloons (make sure they’re not too full before freezing) and use them to keep beverages cool. If you’re really in a festive mood, add a bunch of big helium balloons to the setup.

  1. Ladder Drink Display

2. ladder

Source; At Home in Love

Instead of using a ladder to reach high heights, use it to reach for a drink. Wooden boards placed across the rungs allow you to sit pre-poured beverages on a sturdy flat surface.

  1. Wooden Bench Bar

3. wooden bench

Source: Easton Events

If you’re going for a rustic chic vibe, a simple  wooden bench does the trick. Large dispensers, filled with lemonade or infusions, will quench guests’ thirst- and look beautiful too.

  1. Upscale Tailgate

4. Upscale tailgate

Source: The Idea Room

A cool vintage car is a playfully unique place to display drinks. Simply tie ribbons around big buckets and place them in the open trunk. Just Married sign optional!

  1. Upcycled Door

5. upcycled door

Source: Finding Home Online

Turn a shabby old door into a fabulous summer drink station by adding shelves, a metal cooler, and even a mounted bottle opener. Bouquets of fresh flowers are a lovely finishing touch.

  1. Boat Full of Booze

6. boat full of booze

Source: Old Edwards Inn

Perfect for a shoreside party, fill a canoe or other small boat with loads of ice and a bunch of bottles. Use the ores as adorable decor.

  1. Wheelbarrow Bar

7. wheelbarrow bar

Source: Style Me Pretty

Clean all those weeds out of your wheelbarrow, and use it as a cooler instead. All you need is ice and brightly colored bottles of pop (or your beverage of choice).

  1. Sewing Table Drink Station

8. sewing table

Source: Remodelaholic

Turn an old sewing table into a pretty wet bar, complete with a sink. You can find thrifted sewing tables for less than $20, and they fold up nicely when not in use.

  1. Vintage Desk Drink Display

9. vintage desk

Source: Wedding Chicks

Turn an old desk into a whimsical mimosa bar. A decorative dishtowel completes the look.

  1. Bookcase Beverage Station

10. bookcase

Source: Hostess with the Mostess

Bookcases, with their many shelves, are perfect vessels for displaying drinks and glasses. Give yours a bright coat of paint first so it’ll be ready to party.

  1. Foldable Wall Bar

11. foldable wall bar

Source: Turtles and Tails

If you are comfortable with some basic handiwork, you can make this folding wall bar. Perfect for popping open when the mood strikes, and it’ll be out of the way when not in use.

  1. Flower Box Booze Holder

12. flower box

Source: Rock n Roll Bride

Don’t have much of a green thumb? Fill those unused flowers boxes with a bunch of booze (or other bottled beverages) instead.

  1. Dresser Drawers Drink Station

13. dresser drawers

Source: Hostess with the Mostess

An old set of colorful dresser drawers is an adorable and classy way to display a bar. Pull out one of the drawers and use it to hold cups. A tassle garland and chalkboard sign are charming additions to the scene.

  1. Tea Trolley Drink Stand

14. tea trolly

Source: Desire Empire

Spray paint an old tea trolley to transform it into a fresh and vibrant lemonade stand. A big bowl full of lemons and tray of lemon cupcakes will carry on the theme.

  1. Beachy Lemonade Stand

15. beachy lemonade stand

Source: Kojo Designs

For a bright, cheerful, and summery drink station, turn an old tiki hut into a lemonade or juice stand. Include a large drink dispenser, several pitchers, and  fruit and herb mix-ins. Don’t forget the DIY honeycomb garland!

  1. Kiddie Pool Coolers

16. kiddie pool coolers

Source: Kieth Zars Pools

Perfect for a pool party, fill plastic kiddy pools with ice, and use them as coolers. Make one for alcoholic beverages, and one for party attendees who are under age.

  1. Picnic Table Cooler

17. picnic table cooler

Source: The Kitchn

There’s no better place for bottles of wine than close at hand. Replace the middle board of a picnic table with a gutter, and you’ve got easy access all night long.

  1. Bathtub Cooler

18. bathtub cooler

Source: The Wedding Scoop

A vintage tub is a surprising and clever container for drinks. Your guests will be amused, and you won’t run out of libations.

  1. Wagon

19. wagon

Source: Southern Living

Channel your childhood play days at your next outdoor get together. For a cooler that’s both summery and portable, stick bottles of wine into an ice-filled wagon.

  1. Barrels

20. whiskey barrels

Source: Ruffled Blog

Barrels make a surprisingly beautiful base for a simple board bar. Cover them with a lemonade display, or drink dispensers filled with juice or ice tea.

Every outdoor gathering is worthy of party decor. One of the surest and easiest way to set the celebratory vibe is a unique and thoughtful drink display. And since most of these are made from repurposed furniture and everyday materials, there’s little shopping required—just some imagination!

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