A Mom’s Guide to a Perfect Mother’s Day

A Mom's Guide to a Perfect Mother's Day | thegoodstuff

I see it all over the internet! Mother’s Day is just another day that mom has to take care of the kids, the house and the family. They may get some beautiful cards and flowers and maybe even taken out to dinner, but, generally, the chores still have to be done. After all, the day lands on a Sunday during the school year and moms have to prepare for the week ahead.

While I don’t know any mom who does not want to be with her beloved family, especially the kids, on Mother’s Day, I know many who would truly love a day to actually relax and enjoy the fruits of her year-round labor. While most of us have a hard time just letting things go for a day, my guide to a perfect Mother’s Day may help a little. Put the guilt aside, put yourself first and celebrate Mother’s Day in style!

Perfect Mother’s Day

Notify the Family Ahead of Time

One of the hardest things I find doing is telling my kids that Mother’s Day is coming and what I want on that day. Even as a single mom, though, I need to be more proactive in prepping the kids for the day. But telling the husband and the kids what you really want actually increases the likelihood of getting it. The kids get to throw themselves into preparing cards and crafts for you and your spouse has a blueprint that he can work from. We all want people to automatically make us feel special that day so telling them ahead of time might be hard. But it also might be the way that you get the Mother’s Day you deserve!

Don’t do ANY Chores! Like… NONE!

I am a single mom so it is hard to get up on Mother’s Day and not do chores. My kids need meals, clothes and more. But I still try to boycott chores on that one day. The household will survive for one day if the dishes don’t get done. In fact, I have been known to buy paper plates and premade foods just to avoid having to work too hard on this special day. I also make sure at least one meal is at a restaurant. Preferably lunch since restaurants tend to fill up around dinner time. As far as laundry, cleaning and any other chore, I substitute the need to do that with a picnic or a long walk with my kids! It can all be done the next day!

Let the Kids Do Things for You

Kids love to take care of their moms. They really do! I know it is hard to let them loose in the kitchen and to wonder what’s going on with crayons and scissors in the other room. But, assuming there is another adult in the house to supervise, you are not needed as they pour their hearts into things that they think you will love. Stay in bed, sit out on the porch or just catch up on your shows while they go to work for you. Let them ‘take you to dinner’ and let them brush your hair and pick you flowers. Sure, it may cause more work for you the next day cleaning up, but this one day, release the control and let those beautiful kids spoil you!

Let Yourself Enjoy the Praise

I truly have a hard time taking a compliment. I always have a quick remark on how I don’t do it alone and how I am blessed to have such good kids. But the truth is, the role of mom is so important and special in our society that at some point, we need to embrace the praise. On Mother’s Day, while you are relaxing and allowing yourself the break to be pampered, also let yourself absorb the amazing things you do every single day. Say thank you, be proud and smile when someone tells you how irreplaceable you are. Because the truth is that you are.

Having a wonderful Mother’s Day means taking time to do what you normally don’t. Release the day to those who love you and appreciate you! You absolutely deserve it!

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