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The Home Depot

Birds chirping, sun shining… spring cleaning?  While we often think of clearing out the closets and hauling the patio furniture out of storage, try showing some extra love this season to one of the most high-traffic rooms in your home: your kitchen!

You may not even see the mess and clutter anymore, but trust us – with a few small changes, the basics of keeping everyone fed will have never run smoother. Hit The Home Depot for a few of our favorite small improvements for big impact:

Zevro Original Indispensable Double Dry Food Dispenser

Say goodbye to the teetering tower of cereal boxes and make the morning breakfast rush a breeze with Zevro’s Original Indispensable Double Dry Food Dispenser.  Each canister holds and preserves the freshness of almost 18 ounces of dry goods, dispensing one ounce for each twist of the easy-to-grip handles.  Clutter-free portion control – we call it a win.

The Home Depot

Con-Tact Grip Prints Grey Talisman Shelf/Drawer Liner

Sick of that spaghetti splotch that didn’t quite make it into the garbage can under the sink?  Start fresh with any of Con-Tact’s cushioned shelf/drawer liners, which can be cut to any size, won’t damage your shelves and can be easily wiped down the next time a wayward meatball strays off course.  We’re partial to this on-trend grey and white patterned print to style up your space!

ZEP 14 oz. Stainless Steel Polish

Hello, handprints.  If your fridge door has seen less smudgy days and you’d like to return it to its former glory, a couple quick sprays of ZEP stainless steel polish will have your appliances gleaming like new and sparkling in the spring sunshine (or at least they will be once you get to those windows… one thing at a time).

Youcopia Chef’s Edition SpiceStack 30-Bottle Spice Organizer

Keep the parsley out of the pepper with the mind-blowingly space-saving Youcopia Chef’s Edition SpiceStack organizer, which holds up to 30 spice bottles in three pull-out drawers that make it a snap to find just what you need at the moment you need it.  As one 5-star review says, “When I remove or return my spice jars, it is effortless – just grab and toss.  No struggling with fitted rings, magnets, or tiny shelves.”

The Home Depot

Knape & Vogt 30 in. x 28 in. x 28 in. 2-Shelf Kidney Shaped Wire Lazy Susan Cabinet Organizer

If you’re forever hunting for that last can of chickpeas or jar of salsa waaaaaay in the back of the pantry, Knape & Vogt’s broad range of Lazy Susans bring tonight’s pick front and center with one spin.  With lots of charming choices in size, layout and setup, there’s a perfect solution for every kitchen and you’ll never end up waist-deep in the cupboards again.

The Home Depot

Bar Keepers Friend 15 oz. All Purpose Cleanser and Polish

Yep, there’s a reason you recognize the label – you probably saw it under your grandma’s sink a few decades back.  There’s a reason why Bar Keepers Friend has been a staple of every clean-freak’s supply closet for over a century; namely, the fact that it works on even the most stubborn long-term marks and stains.  Try it on that rust spot in the sink that you’ve been ignoring or that burnt-up mess in your favorite chili pot.  Ahh, clean… finally!

Cooks Standard 36 in. Wooden Wall Mounted Pot Rack

Elevate your cooking experience (literally) with the Cooks Standard 36 in. Wooden Wall Mounted Pot Rack, which keeps up to 30 lbs. of your pots and pans at your fingertips and clears up a ton of under-the-counter storage space in the process.

The Home Depot

Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System Steam Cleaner

Go squeaky-clean with the power of steam!  Shark’s Genius steam cleaner loosens up the messes you’d otherwise be down on your hands and knees scraping off (oh hey, applesauce blob) and comes with two washable Dirt Grip pads that are easy to remove and don’t need to be manually wrung-out.

Method 28 oz. Daily Granite Spray

Now that you’ve got your kitchen looking fab, it will be much easier to keep it that way!  If you’ve got granite, let Method’s “non-toxic, plant-based” cleaner be the last step of your daily counter cleanup.  Method has long been a leading name in eco-friendly soaps, body washes and more, and we’re thrilled to see their commitment to protecting the planet continuing in their line of home cleaning products.


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