24 Fast Fixes to Refresh Your Home Décor

24 Fast Fixes to Refresh Your Home Décor | Coupons.com & Home Decorators Collection

Forget spring cleaning – how about a spring design refresh? Whether you’re on the hunt for a new house this spring or looking to spruce up a long-neglected corner of your current home, a little can go a long way to giving your favorite spaces new life. You don’t even need a huge budget or tons of experience to get your inner interior designer juices flowing.

From the living room to the laundry room, here are some creative ways to reinvent every room in your home – without ever having to walk out the front door!

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Whether it’s primarily for entertaining, a place you curl up to read, or the family meeting space for everything from games night to TV, the living room is often the hub of activity in the home. Why not take a few extra steps to make it even more warm and cozy?

Refresh Your Throw Cushions – The most cost-effective way to give that old sofa new life is by adding some fun new throw pillows or covers. You can even change them out for the season – bright colors or cheerful flowers instantly add a spring vibe to any room.

Lulu Decorative Pillow – $59
Round Flower Pillow – $28


Brighten Things Up – A lot of older homes in particular don’t often have a ceiling light fixture in the living room. Adding a new floor lamp with a sprawling arm can instantly brighten a space and make it more inviting.


Savon Floor Lamp – $171

Add a Custom Piece – When you hear the words ‘custom upholstery’, dollar signs might flash in front of your eyes. But doing something custom doesn’t have to cost a bundle! Order swatches before you buy, and pick a fun accent print or color that will complement your existing furniture.

Custom Amy Wingback Chair – $399


A full kitchen renovation is a huge expense and undertaking – but polishing things up doesn’t have to be! Small investments can make people do a serious double take the next time they’re in your kitchen.

Get More Room – When you completely redo a kitchen, it’s often to change the layout for more cabinet or counter space. A shortcut is to nab a rolling island on casters. It can be tucked away when not in use, but know that you’ll always have an extra surface for when you’re cooking an epic meal for entertaining.


Vivianne Kitchen Cart – $399

Change Your Hardware – Refinishing or painting your cabinets is a nice way to take dated cabinets to totally current, but an even quicker fix is to change out your door handles and drawer pulls. While you’re at it, update what’s in cabinets and drawers too, with handy organizers.

Rev-a-Shelf Recycling Center – $280 

Modernize Flatware – Be honest: Are you still using that mix and match flatware from when you first moved out? It’s time to get something more modern that will make a statement. Opt for flatware with a minimalist profile and a cool color for a totally trending look.


Reynolds 5-Piece Flatware Set – $80


Most people will only get one or two bedroom sets in their lifetime, but that doesn’t mean your bedroom can’t continually evolve until it’s truly your favorite spot in the house.

Rest Easy With a New Headboard – If you’ve got your bedframe, dressers, and mattress, swapping out the headboard can be a simple way to give your bedroom a totally new look. A custom upholstered headboard gives any space a refined, regal vibe. Plus, you can change the fabric whenever you redecorate.

Addison Custom Upholstered Headboard – $349

Toss Your Window Blinds – Those dusty, impossible to clean blinds have got to go. Instead, get a set of curtains that complements your wall color and offers minimal maintenance. You can even get different window treatments to suit your seasonal duvet covers.

Custom Tab Top Curtain Panel – $95

Maximize Unused Space – Make your bedroom a true sanctuary by creating a nook just for you. A comfortable chaise lounger can tuck into any corner or against an empty wall, and makes a great place to read a book or to simply kick back and relax.

Custom Chaucer Upholstered Lounge – $519


They say bathrooms and kitchens ‘sell houses’ – likely because they’re both pricey to renovate! The trick is to invest in timeless fixtures and update your bathroom with ‘now’ accents.

Change Out Your Faucets – There aren’t a lot of ways to make your bathroom stand out, but a new faucet is one of them. This low-cost upgrade is a great way to make any sink look like it’s just been renovated. Opt for shiny chrome for a modern look, or polished nickel for a more traditional one.

Abington Low Rise Swept Arch Faucet – $150

Make Everyone Look Twice – Another bathroom makeover you can accomplish in a few short minutes is by changing out your mirror. Pick something with a bold color, sleek shape, or unique frame to really start the décor conversation.

Provence Mirror – $95

Add Space to Your Shower – Most houses don’t have space for a huge shower, but you can make yours feel instantly bigger with a curved shower rod. Not only is it easy to install, it will make those morning showers feel oh so luxurious.

Curved Shower Rod – $11.99


From footwear everywhere to missing mittens, your entryway can be a chaotic space if not managed properly. Aim to find a place for everything (and everyone) to minimize messes.

Double Up – Tight on space? A bench with built-in storage is a great way to maximize every square foot. Give each family member their own cubby to keep their favorite shoes and outdoor accessories handy.

Martha Stewart Living™ Storage Bench – $55

Add Functional Artwork – An entryway mirror will catch the eye of visitors, but it’s useful for you too. Get a quick ‘last look’ in before you head out the door to make sure you’re feeling your best every single day.

Diamond Mirror – $55

Stop Hunting For Your Keys – Adding a console table gives any empty hallway a sense of purpose – and a useful space to keep your essentials when dashing out the door. Add a decorative bowl to keep clutter from spreading (and staying) and clean it out monthly.

Kramer Mirrored Console Table – $399
Irma Decorative Bowls (set of 3) – $169


Whether you work from home, organize your family life on the computer, or share a workspace with the kids and their homework, any office can easily get overwhelmed with papers and projects. A well-designed office should accomplish two things: productivity and inspiration.

Stash Clutter Away – Flat surfaces are your worst enemy in the office. They can quickly become a place for paper, knick knacks, and office supplies to build up. Get each family member one or two storage boxes of their own to file away items when not in use. And if one gets full? It’s time to purge!

Cargo Naturals Shelf Box – $22

Update Your Office Chair – If you spend hours sitting in your office chair, it better be mighty comfortable. Look for one with ergonomic features, adjustability, and an easy-clean fabric for those early morning coffee spills.

Sebastian Office Chair – $179

Inspire Dreams – When you’re in the office, you’re typically getting work done. An inspiring print can be a friendly reminder to get down to business so you can get back to enjoying other parts of your life.

Personalized Family Rules Sign – $63

Your dining room furniture is as close to a ‘forever’ investment in furniture as you can imagine. But a few simple upgrades can give even the most traditional dining room a contemporary makeover.

Change Your Light Fixture – Lighting is a super cost-effective way to make any room feel on trend. Edison bulbs and industrial, raw designs are completely of the moment.


Walworth Pendant – $187

Swap Your Seat Covers Reupholstering your dining room chairs isn’t just for looks – it’s a handy way to extend the life of your dining room furniture by eliminating those permanent wine spills and spaghetti splatters. If your chairs are really beat up, look for a neutral chair style that will work with any table.

Parsons Rolled-Back Leather Chair – $79

Do a New Spin on a Centerpiece – Never mind artwork on your walls! A table runner is a clever way to add some style to your actual dining area. This art deco-inspired runner is a classically chic way to upgrade any table.


Frank Lloyd Wright® Waterlillies Table Linens – $55


Have you ever walked through a staged show home and swooned at the sight of an organized laundry room? Good news – the same look can be yours, for a minimal investment of time and money.

Save Space – Most laundry rooms are small, cramped nooks. Make the most of the space you’ve got with a wall-mounted rack or ironing board that can be tucked away when not in use. It’ll give you extra space where you need it most.

Madison Fold-Down Wall-Mounted Laundry Drying Rack – $199
Stowaway In-Wall Ironing Board – $219

Get Organized – Save precious minutes sorting laundry by encouraging your family to lend a hand. A multi-compartment laundry bin is a great way to separate colors, whites, and delicates in a flash.

Bamboo Quadruple Sorter – $74

Go Au Naturel – The great outdoors is an eco-friendly way to dry clothes (plus if the weather’s right, it can save time from air drying indoors). A folding steel and aluminum laundry tree can withstand windy days and be stored away between uses, keeping your yard looking wide open.

Umbrella Outdoor Air Dryer – $69

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