Super Bowl = Super TV Deals

TVGiants or Patriots fan? Congrats!

The rest of you may be in need of some retail therapy, especially if you’re still mourning the loss of a close game. Good news—now’s the best time to score a great deal on a new TV. The week before the Super Bowl is one of the last opportunities that manufacturers have to clear out last year’s models.

Just keep these five tips in mind before you fork over your hard-earned cash.

  • What size to get? Measure the viewing distance between your TV and your couch. Divide the distance by 3 to get the minimum size and by 1.5 to get the maximum size screen that you should purchase for optimal viewing.
  • Choose a store with a price match guarantee that includes sale items. That way you can reap the benefits of any post Super Bowl sales or competitor sales.
  • Refurbished? It’s like new for less. Floor models, returns or TVs with minor cosmetic damages are inspected, repaired, repackaged and sold at a deep discount. Read the warranty and check the return or exchange policy.

Be mindful of installation charges. It can cost hundreds of dollars to mount your big screen TV. Look or ask for installation deals with purchase.


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