Super Bowl Superstitions & Rituals for Athletes and Fans


I admit that none of my Houston teams have ever gone to the Super Bowl in my lifetime. Not my Luv Ya Blue Oilers nor my Houston Texans. But I have hope, that one day, I will be able to put on my dirty autographed jersey, wear my socks inside out and only eat red food as I hope and pray that what I do makes my team come home with the trophy! Superstitions and the Super Bowl go hand in hand. As die-hard fans paint their faces and can only sit on one part of the sofa while the game is on, we all get caught up in the excitement of the flea flicker pass and the underdog win! Super Bowl superstitions are necessary for both the players and the fans, and these are a few of our favorites here at The Good Stuff!

Facial Hair and Team Mantras

beards nflSource: Fox Sports

As they stand huddled up, being pumped up by their coaches, a variety of players have their own personal superstitions. Not shaving while they are winning seems to be the most popular. Wearing the same underclothing or socks is another. But the most popular, it seems, is the ritual of touching a sign, statue or mascot on the way to the field. Usually hanging above or sitting beside the locker room door, the symbol can be as simple as ‘Go Team’. But almost no player enters the field without touching the item lest the superstition that you can’t win without that pat comes true!

The Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx

SI coverSource: Sports Illustrated

Ever since the Bears took on the Packers in the NFC Championship game in 2011, right after Jay Cutler posed for the cover of Sports Illustrated, the ‘cover’ story has been a superstition for the Bears and many other teams in the NFL. It is believed that any team member who appears on the cover will have a bad game. Cutler went out of the game with a knee injury and the Bears lost. That superstition has spread to teams throughout the NFL.

You Play How You Eat

ritual mealsSource: CBS Sports

It has been said that famed linebacker, Brian Urlacher, will not hit the field without consuming two chocolate chip cookies. In fact, like we do at home, many players eat the same meals before games, especially big wins. Just as Aaron Rodgers most likely still wears his “lucky” Joe Montana T-shirt under his pads, players participate just in case. You would not want to jinx your team because you forgot to have your chicken wings, after all!

Lucky Shirts, Lucky Socks

socks ritual

At home super fans generally follow the same traditions all season long. If something goes awry in a game, then they can probably blame it on a superstition. And these are heightened with the Super Bowl comes around because what we wear while watching the games plays a huge role. Not washing lucky shirts, socks or even underwear are all part of the belief system that the little things we do matter.

The Art of the Seat

save your seat

I admit, during the winning season for the Texans this year, I began to believe that if I sat in the same place on the couch, we would win. It worked half the time. The other half, my legs were not folded under me, but dangling, and that is why we lost, of course. Many people believe that where they sit when they watch the game is key to a team’s success, so be sure to save your seat on game day.

Traditions For a Reason

super bowl seats

As rational as we are as people, we do believe that all things must remain constant to get the same results. So if Uncle George was out of the room when a nail biting, Hail Mary pass was thrown and caught, then he is not welcome back in when a touchdown is really needed.

We devoted fans also know that wherever we were when our team won a big game to further advance our journey to the Super Bowl, is where we need to be come Super Bowl Sunday. This includes the sports bar you went to and even the exact seat you sat in at the stadium. Whatever it takes to help our team, we are willing to do!

What do you think of these Super Bowl superstitions? Can you think of any that we might have missed?

Super Bowl XLIX will be held Sunday, Feb. 1 in Glendale, Arizona. The New England Patriots will face off against last year’s champs, the Seattle Seahawks.


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