The Best Things to Buy in March

The Best Things to Buy in MarchUsher in a new season with a little saving o’ the green during March. Whether you’re spending money on St. Patrick’s Day parties, Easter, Passover or spring cleaning (both indoor and outdoor), here are some of the best things to save on.

Spring centerpieces: If you love to brighten up your home with fresh flowers, know what’s it season for the best way to save. In March, we’re on the cusp of spring, so you may still want to go with winter blooming flowers like carnations, roses and some varieties of lilies. If you suffer from allergies, you can still enjoy a beautiful bouquet; just choose a flower that produces little airborne pollen, like tulips or daffodils.

Planting season prep: It’s almost time to plant your spring garden, so join gardening center email lists to hear about spring planting sales. New members to the Home Depot Garden Club get $5 off their next lawn and garden purchase of $50 or more.

A traditional Irish meal: Corned beef and cabbage is popular way for Americans to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Corned beef is essentially a brisket cured in brine and then boiled. Many stores sell brisket prepackaged in brine. Brining your own brisket can save money and give you control over salt content. Look for a place that lets you buy it by the pound rather than pre-packaged portions. Use leftovers to make Reuben sandwiches for lunch on March 18.

Gearing up for baseball season: Springs ushers in baseball season. The National Sporting Goods Association predicts consumers spent $485 million on baseball and softball equipment last year. Kids’ sports equipment is a great thing to buy used because they grow out of it so quickly. Look at resale shops that specialize in sporting goods.

Easter baskets. Easter may be the last day of the month, but you can start collecting things now. Buy green tissue paper at post-St. Patty’s Day sales and use it in place of the fake grass. Look for baskets at thrift stores or in dollar sections/stores. Buy multi-packs of items and divide them up between your kids. And aside from candy and toys, add some practical items like hair bands or bubble bath. Don’t forget to print this candy coupon before you head to the store though.

Final tip: Daylight Saving Time brings an extra hour of sunshine, but skin cancer awareness means covering up and slathering on sunscreen—don’t forget your coupons. Also, if your doctor recommends Vitamin D supplements, always look for a coupon before purchasing, or try to get it in foods like fatty fish (think salmon or tuna) and brands of yogurt or orange juice that come Vitamin D fortified.


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