Home Hacks: 12 Clever Closet Makeover Ideas


Home Hacks: Part Six

You deserve a beautiful place to hang, and so does your clothing. Keeping your closet and its contents tidy ensures you’re always putting your best foot forward in a well-kept outfit that was easy to pull together. Whether you’re blessed with a walk-in or merely have a sliver in the wall, you can make the most of your bedroom closet with clever storage solutions, organizational tricks, and creative layouts. Follow these tips to organize beautiful closet makeovers in part six of our Home Hacks Series.

1. Color Code

Before and After By Colors

For an easy upgrade to a closet of any size and layout, organize your clothing by color. This goes for both folded and hanging clothes. With my own closet above, I wasn’t too picky about the variations within each shade. If you group colors together (reds, blues, grays) and in rainbow order, you’ll have a much easier time locating items. And of course, it looks pretty!

2. Add Cubbies

Before and After Add CubbiesSource: Eat Sleep Decorate

Make good use of the space above hangers by adding cubbies. These are ideal for folded sweaters or pants, and the separate compartments allow you to sort items by season, style, or color.

3. Make it a Walk-In

Before and After Making a Room Into a Walk-In ClosetSource: 47 Park Avenue

You can turn any small room into a walk-in closet with hanging rods and shelves. But the real show stealer here is a large armoire in the middle of room, which gives you drawer storage space and a flat surface for jewelry, shoes, and other necessities.

4. Mount a Pegboard

Before and After Mount a PegboardSource: Slippers by Day

Mount a pegboard on the back wall of a kid’s closet for hanging toys and hats. You could do the same in an adult one for scarves or jewelry.

5. Focus on Little Details

Before and After Focus on Little DetailsSource: Style by Emily Henderson

Small touches will help keep you organized and make your space look and feel more inviting. For instance, store shoes in plastic bins labeled with pictures for easy identification. Matching hangers create visual appeal.

6. Mount Hanging Knobs

Before and After Mount Hanging KnobsSource: Dwell Beautiful

Mount a couple hanging knobs on the wall for scarves or necklaces- this will also give your closet a more casual, inviting vibe. A chair, small area rug, and picture frame make the space feel even homier.

7. Add Extra Shelves

Before and After Add Extra ShelvesSource: Apartment 34

Maximize storage space by eliminating any empty room under hanging clothes. An abundance of shelves is ideal for clothing storage– and rolling your jeans makes them fit efficiently.

8. Use Laundry Baskets as Drawers

Before and After Use Laundry Baskets as Drawers

Source: Apartment Therapy

For a less expensive and versatile storage solution, place folded clothes in laundry baskets. You could also keep shoes and handbags in them.

9. Make an Anywhere Closet out of Coat Racks

Before and After Closet out of Coat RacksSource: Avenue Lifestyle

If you don’t have separate closet space, turn your clothing storage into an attractive display with coat racks. They won’t crowd your space as much as cupboards, and you can stack your shoes neatly underneath hanging clothes for a fresh, modern vibe.

10. Create Two Hanging Levels

Before and After Create Two Hanging LevelsSource: Organizing Made Fun

Create two tiers for hanging clothing to ensure you don’t waste any vertical space. Shirts can go on top, pants on bottom.

11. Add a Vanity Nook

Before and After Add a Vanity NookSource: View Along the Way

If you have the space, make a small area for storing your jewelry. You could also hang a mirror- and why not a vase of fresh flowers to liven up the place? Hanging handbags from a rod is another clever idea.

12. Separate His and Hers

Before and After Separate His and HersSource: Remodelaholic

Turn a jumbled shared closet into a space that’s neatly divided between His and Hers. Cordon off separate areas for hanging clothes, and designate shelves. Spelling it out on the wall is optional, but fun.

Little alterations to your closet can make a world of difference to your wardrobe’s well-being. No matter the layout or limitations of your room, there’s always the potential for extra storage and optimal organization. And having this space well-organized enables you to navigate your belongings with ease, and keep your clothing in tiptop shape.

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