Treat Yourself

Sometimes you’re the last one on the list. In the midst of wiping noses, buying groceries, taxiing children, fixing dinner, doing laundry, answering emails and making phone calls, it’s easy to put everyone’s needs above your own. But what about being good to you?

There’s no need to spend a ton of money. Just move yourself to the top of the list, if even for an hour or two. Here are some inexpensive suggestions to treat yourself.

  • Buy yourself some flowers. No need for a dozen red roses—a small spring bouquet of mixed flowers can brighten your table setting and your day.
  • Watch the sun set. When’s the last time you sat still enough at dusk to watch the day fade into night? Take an evening, find an incredible view, and enjoy the colors. Camera is optional.
  • Take a bubble bath by candlelight. This is the ultimate in relaxation. Once the kids are in bed, indulge in some quiet time, bathing in the glow of candlelight and soft music. For an extra treat, splurge on new bath salts or a creamy bubble bath.
  • Make your favorite dish. If you recharge from a good old cooking session, whip up your favorite dish, even if you’re the only one who likes it. You can freeze portions and take it for lunch. Do we have any coupons that can help?
  • Set a Skype date with a friend. Skip Facebook, text messages and emails, and sit face-to-face with a long-distance friend. It’s free and way more fun than just exchanging words on a screen.

One more tip—try something new. Maybe it’s a different ethnic cuisine for lunch, a new kind of yoga, a new scent (you can get free samples at most department store counters), or a different route to work. Breaking up monotony can provide a welcome change during a busy week.


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