Ultimate Labor Day Staycation Guide


Ultimate Labor Day Staycation Guide | Coupons.com

There’s nothing like a getaway vacation, but then again, there’s no place like home. Why not combine the two and get the best of both worlds? If you want to eliminate the hassle of planning a vacation, but still want some R&R, follow our Ultimate Labor Day Staycation Guide for fun and cost-friendly ideas!


What to do: It’s hard to think of something fun to do that won’t cause a financial strain. Here are some of our favorite ideas that will keep the family happy, but most importantly, your wallet.

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  1. Geocaching – Geocaching is the new modern twist to the scavenger hunt. Good for the whole family, it’s a great way to get everybody outside and explore new territories. Find all the information you need to know about geocaching 101 here.
  2. “Fitcation” activities – Outdoor excursions are always a good way to spend time together and they help us stay active! Plan for a hike at a nearby park or take a bike ride along a trail.
  3. Visit a nearby city – Travel a little further to an unknown area or to the next city over. Once you’re there, stroll around to search for historical locations or quirky antique shops.
  4. DIY outdoor movie theatres – If the weather is in your favor, create something fun and easy for the whole family to enjoy. Invite your children’s friends over for an outdoor slumber party. To re-create this outdoor look, click here.


Where to look: Researching on where to go can take up a tedious amount of time. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are some shortcuts to where you can find local events and discounts.

  1. Newspaper – Be on the lookout for local events in your newspaper or check your city’s website. They will provide you with weekly updates and events hosted in your city.
  2. Cardholder/membership discounts – Some credit cards come with extra benefits to help their customers save. Bank of America cardholders can get free entrance to any of the museums listed here. Also, AAA membership provides numerous discounts ranging from theme parks to car rentals.
  3. Last minute entertainment – If you are eager to get out of the house, check out goldstar.com, stubhub.com or scorebig.com to see what’s happening. Sometimes if you wait till the last minute, tickets will go on sale at a discounted price.
  4. Factory tours – A lot of facilities host tours that we are unaware of. Plus, it’s a great way to keep the kids occupied and teach them something new. Check out Factory Tours USA to go behind the scenes and learn about what goes down in the American work industry.
  5. Free attractions – Staying under your budget while planning a getaway can be a tough task. Visit free-attractions.com to find what’s free in your neighborhood.


How to throw a party: If none of the above is your thing, and you just want to sit back and relax with good company, try some of our tips for easy-going parties that won’t cause a headache.

  1. Instead of slaving in the kitchen for hours beforehand, opt out for festive finger foods that are easy to munch on. They also leave you with almost no effort with clean up.
  2. Catering – If you’re running low on time, order some catered trays from your favorite restaurant. Just transfer the food onto your own dishes and your guests will never know the difference!
  3. DIY photo booth – Create something fun and interactive for your party. Visit local thrift stores to buy props or create your own print outs of silly faces and go crazy.
  4. Use disposable dishware – One way to eliminate your clean up time in half is to use disposable flatware. That way, once you’re party is done you can just sit back and relax.

Recipes: If you plan on staying in or hosting a party, try out our favorite grilled recipes that will be sure to have your guests wanting more:

Should Be Illegal Oven BBQ Ribs


Grilled Moroccan Chicken


Sizzling Southwest Burgers


Grilled Shrimp With Garlic & Herbs


Grilled Vegetables


Grilled Pineapple Slices


Ultimate Labor Day Staycation Guide | Coupons.com


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